Professional Services

Kovec Media’s goal and ultimate end game is your success, that’s why we aim to provide our clients with a plethora of professional creative design services and to be the number one choice for their design agency. We want to take our clients creative visions from Ideas or thoughts to a reality and that is why we provide all these wonderful services under one umbrella.

Graphic Design

We have the best designers. Period. And with the highest quality in all our designs, we help our clients to visually communicate with their customer. we assist you with attracting new customers with stunning creative content.

Website Design

From easily maintainable content management system to unique enterprise system. for a personal blog or a corporate eCommerce website. We handle all your website design needs with industry standard and all the latest web technologies.

Social Media Management

Let us manage your social media presence! Social Media Management goes beyond the post. We will build brand awareness, schedule tweets, build pages and organize everything to maintain a strong social presence.

Mobile Application

Team Android? Team iOS? who ever your targeted users are let us help you reach them and make your app idea a reality. We can publish to any platform. We’ll definitely get you noticed

Custom Software

We create unique system using various programming languages and for a variety of purposes. Need a loan management system ? A User management system? or maybe you need an Inventory system, no matter what it is we have you covered!


We help remove the usual hassle associated with printing by doing it all for you. We provide both large and small scale printing to cater to all your printing needs.

Our Creative Process

Here is how we get it done.
  • kovec meetng service


    We will first set up a meeting time to sit down [or Skype] so we could get to know each other. Discussions to outline what your need are is imperative to our design mantra. At meetings, we ensure your voice is heard and that your vision is effectively communicated

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    We will do our research on your brand, industry, customer base and all else that we feel will give us more knowledge on providing you with the utmost best for your project.

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    We outline possible directions to take your project, choosing the route that best resonates with you and your audience

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    We continuously restrict our design constraints to focus on concepts that most capture your requirements, so you know you’re getting the best possible outcome

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    We provide you with multiple design concepts to choose from. Your input is vital at this stage as we strive to provide a compelling end result and 100% satisfaction.

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    We revisit and fine tune the prefect ensure its meeting both functional and non-functional requirements as well as to ensure that absolute satisfaction is couple with your end result.

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    Once 100% satisfaction has been achieved, we do a short walk through and then sign off on your completed project.

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    We don’t stop once your project is delivered, we’ll help lift you off the ground too. through consultation, managing content and website administration. Being successful has never been this effortless.

Get Hosting and Mentenance

Kode Green

$12.00 usd /Month
  • NO Domain Name Registration

  • 5GB Monthly Bandwidth

  • 500MB Disk Space

  • Full Cpanel

Kode Red

$45.00 usd /Month
  • Free Domain Name Registration

  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth

  • 5GB Monthly Disk Space

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

  • Unlimited Sub-domains

  • Monthly Site Backup

  • Full Cpanel

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Level 3


Level 2